Lie ins, peace and quiet and working in our PJs - Brits reveal what they'll miss about WFH

Lie ins, peace and quiet and working in our PJs - Brits reveal what they'll miss about WFH

Come “Freedom Day” on the 19th of July, many offices are gearing up for an influx of staff.

But, working from home throughout the pandemic could mean that many of us are going to miss the comfort of not having to give up life at our kitchen tables.

A recent study has shown that half (49%) will miss not having a commute and four in ten (42%) are not looking forward to forgoing their lie ins with 41% saying the peace and quiet of not being surrounded by colleagues.

And, while some will surely be looking forward to wearing workwear, 28% are going to miss in thier pyjamas and 26% will miss spending time with their pets. 

In terms of going back, 15% of workers say they’re not looking forward to anything, for those that are, some of the top factors include office gossip and banter (35%), after work socials including drinks (31%), big, collaborative meetings (18%), perks such as free food (17%) and escaping childcare responsibilities (14%).

Mark Taylor, Managing Director of Office Furniture Online, said: “Returning to the workplace will be a shock to the system for many, however, workers mustn’t rush the process.

"Many employers will have set out a phased return policy for employees to help ease them back, therefore it’s important this is read before your return, so you’re fully aware of the changes, and what’s expected of you in terms of working days within the workplace.

“The return of the commute is also a factor to be considered. Having not experienced the daily commute for such a long time now, a trial run will help to determine how long the commute may take, or whether there’s an easier route that can be taken. This will also benefit those who started a new role during the lockdown and haven’t travelled to the office yet. Each of these preparations will hopefully help to relieve the first day nerves which we’re all bound to feel.

“If you’re a business leader, consider making your staff feel welcome when they come back to the office, with a welcome basket, or a (safety conscious) team event like a BBQ or picnic. Ask them about their concerns, and how you can make the transition as easy as possible for them.”